Hand Safe Sanitizer

Applications :
General –

1. Personal and Hand Hygiene
2. Handling and care of patient and infants at home.
3. Waterless hand disinfectant during travel in your personal car and public transport.

Medical –

1. In Operation theater before putting the gloves
2. Before and after surgery
3. Before and after handling patients in wards and OPD
4. In laboratories and Ambulances

Industrial –

1. Production areas of Pharmaceutical Industry
2. Sterile Area
3. Production areas of Food / Dairy products

Direction for Use :

1- Hygienic Hand Disinfection – Rub 3ml of Hand Safe Sanitizer Well Over clean dry hands and nail groves for at least 30 seconds.
2- Surgical Hand Disinfection – Rub approx. 6ml, well over clean dry hands and nail grooves and up to allows for 5 minutes.
Available Pack Size -

1. Hand Safe 100 ml
2. Hand Safe 200 ml
3. Hand Safe 500 ml
4. Hand Safe 5000 ml