Welcome to the World of SGS Pharma

SGS Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is a growing Indian pharmaceutical Company with a strong presence in Injectables manufacturing, Estabilished in 2001 , SGS has emerged as one of the largest focused small volume parenteral manufacturer in India and is engaged in contract manufacturing for all major Indian Pharmaceutical companies. SGS Pharmaceutical has two modern facility for manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals product first unit was taken in to operations in 2001 . The facility located at NCR region Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh Nearest of India capital New Delhi. The second unit was taken into operations in 2006. The facility is located at Roorkee Haridwar Uttarakhand about 200 Km from Indian capital New Delhi.

Unit one engaged in the production of pharmaceutical products Tablet, Capsule, Oral liquid, Oral Dry syrup, Ointment and sanitizer (Hand Hygiene products and Antiseptics)

Unit Second engaged in the production of pharmaceutical products Injectables ( Liquid injectables and Dry powder injectables), Ophthalmic (eye/ear drops), Nasal Drops, Ointment.

The company specializes in manufacturing liquid ampoules, liquid vials, dry powder (Cephalosporins ), eye/ear drops vials covering more than 100 formulations across various therapeutic areas including antibiotics, anti-malarial, NSAIDs, anti-inflammatory, local anesthetics, nutritional products. The company employs approximately 200+ employees at its two manufacturing facilities. The strength of our organization is our highly committed and experienced team. Throughout the years, SGS has been able to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. You will learn that our staff pays the same professional attention to all the projects and through a personal commitment; our company achieves a very high level of reliability..

Over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry has positioned. SGS Pharmaceutical as:-

A renowned contract manufacturer for various leading pharmaceutical companies for domestic & export markets.

 A quality conscious exporter of pharmaceutical products. The company's products are currently being exported and looking forward about 3-4 countries and are under registration in several other countries.

 The company is an established player in the domestic market in INDIA with an extensive range of products.


Ability to invest for future projects and create infra-structure as per customer's requirements   Specialist in aseptic parenteral processing - Experience of more than 20 years in handling Injectables   WHO-GMP Certified Manufacturing facilities   Cost efficiency.  

Well versed in handling contract manufacturing projects for large companies  Large capacities to produce bulk quantities Innovative and sophisticated packaging facilities Dedicated and committed team of professionals